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17 July 2007


Shuna, that link doesn't seem to work, and your post isn't showing up at Bay Area Bites. Hopefully it's just minor tech stuff because it sounds like a fun read!

bummer...can't see your article.

I'm sure the wedding was beautiful...what did you eat?!?!
I wanna hear about all the dishes!

p.s. can u do me a fav? i finally was brave enough to switch to my very own domain...can you please change your link to SteamyKitchen:

thank you SO much!


Rachel & Steamy Kitchen,

I just looked at the link both in Firefox & Safari and it's coming up just fine.

Know that BAB is on Blogger which often has issies and then it's also through the KQED server which has a lot of issues! Please check back...

SK-- will change your link, yes.

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