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24 July 2007


you think if I had 15 prep cooks I could churn out wonderful dishes like that?!
actually, if I had 15 prep cooks in my kitchen I think I would go totally insane.

Wait a minute--that much food WASN'T splurging?

This would be an amazing coincidence, but is you friend David Byron a frequent commenter at a blog named Hullabaloo?

I left a suggestion on an earlier post that you visit Schwa on your upcoming trip to Chicago. On the slight chance you do get a table and want some company from a longtime Chicagoan interested in food, let me know.

Bruce F!

Thank you again for the mention of Schwa. While I'm in Chicago, though, I would very much like to find ribs the likes of which I ate almost 20 years ago, while in high school. If you can help me make a pilgrimage to find those, let me know!

I'll let DB answer your other Q.

I'm pretty sure the David Byron at Hullabaloo is someone else since this is the first I've heard of it.

For my Chicago recommendation, I'm going with New Haven style pizza. It's worth the trip.

Wow the Strawberry desserts sounds amazing and looks super drool worthy.

I am filled with jealousy. Still, chocolate and basil...
I'll have to think about that one; it intrigues me.

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