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04 July 2007


Lovely photo.It's been so long, but when I was a kid we used to go strawberry picking every June and sometimes I think I ate as many as I picked! We also went apple picking. Now that I would actually use the stuff and make buckets and buckets of jam and apple butter, I never go.

This being almost my 2nd full year in Northern California, I went fruit picking in Brentwood (at Peter Wolfe Ranch) for the first time 2 weekends ago and picked apricots and white peaches. Sad to say we're down to our last 2 peaches already! When I was growing up on SoCal, my dad was really into picking cherries in Apple Valley :) Man, I would love to have access to all those plump looking blueberries though...take care!

Oh, this brings back memories of going to the big pumpkin patch on Sauvie's Island in October... of riding a bumpity hay cart to a barn filled with scarecrows and bedsheet ghosts. Of clutching paper cups filled with hot cider.

So glad you're having fun...


Sauvie Island is an Oregon treasure. I'm looking forward to meeting you and some of those blueberries on Sunday.

I'm signed up for Sunday's class. I'm trying to decide if I should walk, bike or drive. Will we have goodies (e.g. a pie) to bring home from class?
Please advise...

It just sounds wonderful. We moved to the west coast a few years back, and we've been dying to check out Portland; maybe as a fun place to visit, maybe as a place to settle down. You make it sound even more wonderful than we thought.

Now, which airline?



There's a good chance you'll be bringing pie dough home, but probably not a whole pie. I'm sorry-- I don't know exactly as this is the first time I've taught in a new place...

you'll be getting a direct email with info today or tomorrow.

almost vegetarian,

bring a down payment for a house when you come to visit. seriously, Portland is an amazing place.

I only know of one organic U-pick farm near me, Silferleaf Farm (Tom Johnson, prop., 460 Strawberry Hill Rd., Concord, MA 978-369-3624 silferleaf at cs dot com). This place only has raspberries, though, and according to the NOFA/Mass 2007-2008 Organic Food Guide, they don't come in 'til late August.

There's also an organic farm called Green Meadows Farm (Andrew Rodgers, 650 Asbury St., Hamilton, MA 978-468-3720 which I'm going to have to find and check out someday. Supposedly it has "dozens of PYO crops."

"(my friend said she tells the owners every year that they should weigh her before and after she picks!)" Ahem. obfuscationis great, but I'd rather not change my sex!

Hey Food Duuuude!

I did that so that we could keep you undercover... Hey, I'll kiss and tell if you will...

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