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15 July 2007


Welcome to Seattle Shuna! I hope you find as much culinary joy in my home as I found in yours earlier this year. Cheers and happy trails!

Are you teaching while you're up there? I want to send a friend to one of your classes if you are, since I can't go myself.
As always, your pictures make me swoon.

So with berries being so much more prevalent up in them there parts, are they any less expensive? Just wondering...

what are sea beans and where do you find them?

did you mean to send me the same long email twice? or did you really mean to let me know why the ice cream's pink and all that about ici? let me know over email, otherwise too public. thanks!


will I finally get to meet you while I'm here?

Corey Jo, I am only here for a wedding, but I hear that some people here are scheming for me to teach a class in Seattle... we'll see.

Aaron, they are indeed less expensive. But it could also be that it reflects the lower cost of living as well as the berry-flooded market.


sorry! email issues. more on all that when I get home to the Bay Area.

sea beans are a vegetable that taste like seaweed but I'm not sure they are seaweed. But they are very salty and have a smooth texture and look like tiny green twigs. Intriguing indeed!

I'm drowning in currants over here but I'd love to get my hands on some tayberries!

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