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27 August 2007


I emailed Michael Pollen last year to invite him dumpster diving. He was very sweet - he wrote back right away and although he was busy touring for his book and couldn't come, he encouraged me to write my own article on the topic. Very nice guy.

Too bad my Thursdays area otherwise spoken for. Carl seems like a fun boss and his peaches are unbelievable. (Thanks for picking such good ones for us. They were the highlight of an otherwise crappy Sunday.)

Holy crap. Since I am the ultimate groupie I don't know what I would have done. Giggled, I'm sure. And tried very hard to not talk so that I would blather on and on about how he changed my life (he really, really did). Wow. So cool.

Wish I could help with peaches. The commute would kill me, I'm afraid.

i once sold flowers to Neil Young. i don't think he's as cool as Pollen unfortunately.

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