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29 August 2007


Yay!! Congratulations! Hopefully I'll be able to try it relatively soon. I'm trying to get a birthday trip organised for December. Any chance of any classes around then?

Shuna! In today's New York Times:

"The articles in Edible San Francisco include some very good food writing, including one particularly evocative piece about strawberries, with the advice that if you insist on washing them, do so in champagne.

Wasn't that your piece? xo

Yay! Congratulations!


Wowie! Congratulations to you all! I'm so glad to finally know what's going on, and I'm looking forward to dining. :-)

We can't wait to come and eat some of your chow. When is the ETA?

The Bunrabs


oooh! congrats. can't wait to try it.


I saw it in the paper this morning... I thought as I read: Would this be Shuna's new place? And it is!!
(Pear dessert!!!! LOL)
Yay, you.

Whoa, Michael Dotson. I love that guy—ask if he remembers sending me home with some of his salume from the Certified Humane press conference at the Ferry Plaza last year. I went with Justin Severino and they got talking about the meat. Justin thought Dotson's offerings were superior to every other chef at the event.

Congratulations, Shuna, and how wonderful to get to work with him. He really seems like a nice fellow, no airs or hotshottery about him—just the real deal!



Congratulations, Shuna! May "fun" play into your everyday.... You deserve it!


Can't wait to come for dinner, knowing you are the the back cooking your heart out.

Michael did such a fantastic job at Evvia - I'm eager to know what he's planning to do here.

I think the strawberry piece was indeed you - so beautiful!! Congratulations on your new restaurant - I am going to come and check it out next time I'm in SF!!!

As soon as you let us know, I'll be making a reservation. :)

Yo: two reasons to congratulate you! One: the mention of your article in the NYT (I too, am pretty sure it was yours). And two: the new awesome pastry chef gig. Yum: I can't wait.

AWESOME! I really hope I can snag a reservation for my birthday! Congratulations, I think I will have a red pear for dessert tonight in your honor :)

Congratulations! Next time I'm in the area, I'll be sure to plan a stop!

Ooooooohhhhhh - I can't wait! I'll be there in October. sounds yummy.

Congrats. Hope it goes well. I'll come for dinner if I'm ever up that way.

Three cheers and another for good measure! "We knew her when ... " is already coming to mind!

Congratulations Shuna! So exciting!

how incredibly exciting for you! i can't wait to read about your adventures as you go through them.

and wishing that I was in SF so I can come see...

sounds like an exciting restaurant - best of luck with it. i've become quite the eggbeater fan since meeting you briefly at the meathenge barbecue (last year? i lose track of time) i'll try and check it out as I'm in the bay area as of tuesday HOORAY! Congratulations, I hope it goes really well. But does this mean there will be no cookery classes in the next 2/3 weeks?

Yay! Congratulations! Thank you so much for giving us all a peek into your cooking life. I can see your earnest passion for your recipes, your deep desire to see everyone around you succeed, your sincere generosity. I also love reading about how incredibly organized you are! A girl after a producer's heart. ;)

congratulations on the new venture!

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