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30 August 2007


Shuna, I've been following your posts about this even though I haven't commented before, and I'm so excited for you. And of course looking forward to eating at Sens!

The bombolini didn't even make the highlights? Damn, that's one fine day indeed! :)

I am really excited for you. And I'm also really looking forward to eating at Sens, because you only nailed my favorite food region ever and all.

Gathering steam. Good for you. One interview tip I didn't send to you earlier. We have one hard-assed rule. We don't interview late arrivals. Even if they're late by 5 minutes. OK we did once, because the young woman hit a deer on her way and she worked out fine, but as a rule, punctuality starts at the interview.

Wow, so exciting! Congrats! And I look forward to checking out the new restaurant, esp. since I'm super enamored with food from that region :)

Congrats! The menu sounds so interesting. What a great day you had!

Shuna - Congratulations! This is surely very exciting for you, as it is for all of us who follow your exploits. You will rock the place, I'm certain. Have fun in the candy store tomorrow! And of course this also means one less person moving to Portland... Whew! ;-) Not that we wouldn't love having you, of course! Cheers!

Shuna, I'm thrilled for you. I love these posts -- the sense of being tired to the core, but tired in the right way with work that is real for you, makes sense to you, makes you think and ponder and ask questions about the work itself and the profession, too, that have bearing on the whole industry -- and in other fields too, if people will only think that way...anyway, congratulations.

I guessed correctly but didn't keep my mouth shut. I'm sorry. It was a complete shot in the dark. Who knew I'd be right?

Anyway..congratulations to you.

mercy. shows you how out of touch I am with the blogosphere. Your own restaurant? Congratulations. Many good thoughts are going your way. And please don't forget to feed yourself!!!

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