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22 August 2007


I'm so so so happy and thrilled and excited for you.

The start of something new is always special.

I agree with your texter: you're fabulous, talented and sexy and professional, and you have great taste in shoes, too.

Wow, exciting! I cant wait to hear more. I hope it goes well!

Jennifer Jeffrey,

Ha! this made me laugh out loud! thank you for noticing my footwear choice. {I do indeed always try and look spiffy in a new pair of adidas!

Jennywenny-- thanks for your well wishes. I am trying to take each day as it comes although it's hard not to be freaked about about the future too.

congratulations, shuna! i'm so excited for you and can't wait to hear about it every step of the way...

oh this is so lovely and great - congratulations! are you going to tell us what it is? :)

A new restaurant! How exciting! o wish I was there to try it out after it opens.

Best of luck to you and the rst of the crew there.

Ooo?! Looking forward to more!

Good luck and happy tasting

"Seeing my chef both relaxed and extremely satisfied after we'd deep-cleaned the kitchen."

Oh man, I just got a chill. That, right there, hands down, is like a sleeping pill of love to hear. That right there is love.

xo, Biggles

These are great columns about your first days at work!! There's clearly a lot more to being a pastry chef than baking desserts!! You give a wonderful sense of action packed days. Please, get some sleep sometime!!

hi Shuna, this is very exciting. you are opening this restaurant in the bay area? can't wait to hear more

Hello Pete,

Look at day three and four for the answer to these questions--

Yes, all the answers will be here eventually.

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