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18 August 2007


Oooh! Thanks for giving us your market schedule. We will most certainly seek you out either in Berkeley or at the Ferry Plaza.

I had my first O'Henry of the season a few days ago....not spectacular, but it whispered sweet little promises of what's to come.

Nice promotion. The peaches were -- gulp -- perfect. (Thanks!)

As for pears. I gotcher pears, right here. Come and get 'em.

You're going to be at my market on Saturday! I will have to cheat on FH for a minute and come peach-tasting. But what I'm really writing to say is, can you save a spot in your custard class for me, pretty please??

I've given up eating peaches in NZ. They used to be wonderful but obviously they are picking them before they ripen and they are just floury.

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