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08 August 2007


One of my dearest friends is a partner at SandBox, where they held the last SlideLuck Potshow. I was THRILLED when he told me that they'd worked on moving it to San Francisco.

The studio in SF is stunning, and quite a bit larger than the NYC studio, but I'd like to urge attendees to (a) get there early and (b) for GOD'S SAKE, don't WHINE when you have to stand or sit on a concrete floor for a couple of hours.

See you there.

alas i will be romping in warm rivers and hot tubs. a decent trade-off...but i shall miss you all the same!

Oh! I hope it is a big success and they do it again. My birthday party is that night.

I'm so excited for you, Shuna! I first heard of Slideluck Potshow from one of the founders' brothers at an ad agency in Chicago where I worked. Still haven't made it to a New York event. Perhaps they'll come here to Chicago.

where exactly is sandlot? i am almost sure i saw something similar near hayes..near hayes/gough


Fabulous to hear from you and your words of in-the-know wisdom! Thanks for stopping in to say sompin'. Maybe this means that I WILL see you soon!

Kat! meow. woofx

Lori, I will put in a good word for another one...

Terry B.

They haven't done Chicago yet? I'll be sure to press this on them!


I think we are all going to need to build in getting lost time.... although Minnesota street sounds like Potrero (?)

Wah! We do have plans and we cannot change them -- we leave tomorrow for San Diego so my mother can see her beloved granddog. And us. Won't be back until Sunday. Wah!

saw later that the address was mentioned, shuna..:)

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