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03 August 2007


I'm comfortable enough in my shallowness to admit than once CJ is eliminated, I'm done watching this season. He's so dreeaaaammmyyy..... and I'm not impressed by anyone else other than Howie and Joey in terms of actual cooking/kitchen management.

Quite an interesting take on this whole Top Chef craze...I may have to actually watch the show, now. I'm embarrassed to say that before my brother went into cooking I didn't know prep cooks, line cooks, etc EXISTED--I thought it was all chefs!

I love Top Chef, and I actually wrote a blog post on it myself! Read it here if you'd like:

I don't know about other people, but my comment about Howie's sweating is not that he does it, it's that he doesn't wear a bandanna or anything to keep it from dripping into his food like most chefs I know. And Howie's sweat does drip in his food with a disturbing frequency. The worst time was when he was sweating into ceviche...yum.

This season of Top Chef has the best contestants overall so far. I would highly recommend, Shuna, that you never ever watch the first two seasons if you think some of these folks aren't ready to compete. Many of the previous contestants seemed chosen for personal flavor rather than skill. It's about who will project well on tv, making it an interesting show. In any industry, those who desire to be on tv are not necessarily those with the greatest skill and knowledge. That said, they have the cream of the crop compared to Hell's Kitchen or Next Food Network Star -- most of those people seem like they wouldn't last one day on the line. It will only get better. I heart Top Chef too.

While I agree that the first two seasons had some individuals who should not have been there, but the cream of those crops was much more impressive. The top three from the first two seasons could crush the anyone remaining this season. That is what is killing me...I don't like any of them because none of them is a super-talent.

I love this show! Sure it's entertainment, and I harbor no illusions it's like a "real" kitchen, but mostly I like and respect the contestants and enjoy their creativity. Except Hung...I think we all have worked with people like him - regardless of what industry we are in (and I'm not in food at all)! People who are arrogant, aggressive and willing to sell out anyone to make their way.

I really like CJ and Brian a lot. I think Howie has a lot of soul and a lot of talent. I wanted to like Sara, but she always seems a little vague to me.

At any rate - it's waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy better than that other cooking contestant show that shall remain nameless. Which is like WWF with knives.

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