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02 August 2007


You are so cute! I would never have pegged you for a closet TV addict.

I can't stand the box either, but I did get hooked on one show this summer: So You Think You Can Dance. Those kids can MOVE... amazing to watch. And I have a secret crush on House, but that's about it. I've never watched Top Chef, and probably won't, but it's great fun to read your comments about it.

I heart Top Chef too! I have far fewer compunctions about it, I'd imagine, being an out of the closet TV watcher and lover of all things food related, more so when it involves random tests of "skill". Hung's model number is not unknown in any of my circles either (writers, musicians, people in general), and I salivate for the day when I get to see his knives handed to him. Good to know I have a skilled compatriot who also may walk on the dark side of Bravo.

I love the Television Without Pity recaps, but we ( do a Top Chef recap, too! We interview the losing contestant in a podcast every week ....only this season, the Bravo PR person is on the line and the conversation has gotten way, way, tamer. Last season, everybody was ranting about the lame Kenmore Pro equipment, the clueless producers, etc. This year, they hem and haw and say, "It was an amazing experience. It changed my life." But it's still fun. Joey was not a big fan of Rocco's.

Aw, Shuna, thanks for the props! I heart YOU!

Very funny to read about Shuna the TV hater falling in heart for a TV show!! Glad to know you're not perfect!! BTW, we heart you!

I cooked with Hung in Las Vegas for a few weeks and he's actually a really great guy. He taught me a lot in a very short amount of time. It's unfortunate that the show is portraying him so badly. Because he's not that way in person. I guess competition sometimes gets the best of us.

I think you're WAY OFF about Hung. Perhaps he lacks some of the "American" ways of "humor" and ease, but you must have not listened to his background. What you quickly say is "arrogance" was really sheer, unadulterated "drive". There's quite a different attitude when one is cooking to survive. Hung and generations of his family are inseparable from their passion for food. A poor boy from Southeastern Asia who hard works his way into National recognition is far from arrogance. It's a true American Story.

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