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21 September 2007


Wow. All I can say is, wow.

And, hang in there...

Just know I respect the hard work you do, Shuna! It's really amazing!

Sounds like you're in your element.

Kick some ass. :)

(As a side note, several people in my family want to start restaurants...I think I'll direct them to this blog so they can learn what that entails!)

Wow. Thanks so much for sharing this, if I decide to get into it then I know something of what I might be in for.

hang in there! beyond all the challenges, it must be such a dream, :) and so delicious... :)

Blessings, my little friend.
How cool.

You are so very good at conveying the athmosphere - When I see a new restuarant open it is hard to realise what effort goes into it! Wish I were there to lend a hand....

Shuna, so well written, seems like I am living your experience.
Wishing you the very best and good luck !!!

Theater & dance superstitions for good luck are coming back to me. We either say, "break a leg!" or "Merde!" I prefer the second one. Once you're on the stage there's no running off of it, so you might as well enjoy the spotlight and kick some booty!!! Can't wait to be in the audience ;-)

Ive been there. The part about empty fridges, bills, and laundry were especially resonant. I should print this and post it in our kitchen.

Some things ring so true! Some I've experienced intimately and others maybe down the road. Anyway, I have to add a "Sing it Sister!"

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