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08 September 2007


Oh, I definitely understand the containers/labeling joy. Organizing ingredients is one of my absolutely favorite things... If you ever need help, let me know :D

Yes, getting everything all neat and labelling stuff is very fulfilling, and very timely with everyone going back to school at the moment.

Good luck with it, make sure to get some fresh air, deep breaths and lots of fruit and veggies in the hope you wont get that first autumn cold.

People can feel you thinking about them. I firmly believe that. They might not pinpoint the emotion or the feeling, but somewhere, they know.

I love the whole list, walking around inside your brain, but you had me a little worried at "your stomach always aches."

That speaks of stress, and I know it's inevitable, and I know you take care of yourself pretty please accept my good wishes for your stomach to get what it needs so that it is not on your list.

I read this and was surprised by your attitude, business like but down to earth.

I say keep the good work up.

-A random reader

aawwww...honey! I'm giving you a virtual hug now!

you should prob invest in name tags for yourself or at least wear your embroidered jacket at all times.

or do what I do with my kids. when we go to Disney, I use a permanent Sharpie and write their name and phone number on their bellies.

lovely list, especially the last line.

as i also enter into a new job and especially busy fall season, I can tell you that....I have No idea what to tell you!

I had a dream that I had to fill my cupboards with food supplies. Perhaps it was a metaphor. Perhaps it wasn't.

what I tell myself about writing, teaching and meditating: You'd feel worse if you weren't doing it

This was a truly great post. I'm glad you're sharing all of these experiences with us Shuna. *hugs*

Ahhh poignant!

"you wish you lived during a time where people just stopped by and didn't wait for an invite"
- I wish I could do that.

"you wish people could feel you thinking about them"

hire me. please.

i had a dream about seeing an aga stove the other night. i can't remember the specifics, but i felt all warm and happy in the dream, like hugging an old friend. maybe it was you thinking about me.
i wish you could feel us thinking/talking about you, which we do often.
thanks for the beautiful pics.
melissa xo

Add to the list:
*you forget day to day where your car is parked so you have to write it down when you get home.
*you are so tired that when you finally do go to the bathroom, you forget to pull BOTH your pants and your undies down, thus soaking yourself. (true story and the longer version is even sillier)
* you knowingly park in a tow zone because you are too tired to care.
* the only thing that sounds good to eat (during the raw part of actually being open) are vanilla milkshakes (i was lucky; Eric Shelton used to make them for me!)
Just a few to add to the list!
But OOOOHHHH the fun and rush of it all, heh?

wow thank you for sharing your experiences with us! i wish i could help you, but i'm across the country....but please know you'll always have my support! best of luck with everything

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