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01 October 2007


Shuna, congratulations! The restaurant will be on my must-do list for my next trip to your area. And, though I usually don't have it, I will be sure to have dessert!

Chef D. was kind enough to let me intern with him @ Evvia. So glad to see him back in action.


We're still talking about the tastes we had this weekend. Oh, my... (And thank you!)

We're definitely making plans to return once I'm home from my trip.

Fantastic! Best of luck...I will definitely be there soon (may not even wait to round up some guests) - the menu looks AMAZING.

Stunning piece of writing...really, just beautiful.

Wow again, good luck! Hope the bumps get ironed out really quickly and its plain sailing and nice and busy. I looked at your flickr set yesterday and it is just gorgeous, really cosy.

Lovely japanese anenome pictures, remind me of home. I rarely see them here in socal.

Congratulations !! I hope to make a trip to your restaurant and also would love to meet you in person, you're writing and you are an inspiration to me. Flower pics are beautiful. Happy October to you too.

well now i HAVE to come to san fran!

hell yeah we're ready.

You and your crew will be fantastic!! Big congrats to you.

Good luck, good luck, good luck! And a Happy October to *you*.

COngratualations to Shuna and everyone else at this wonderful new restaurant!SO wish I could be there....

Congratulations! My only regret is that the Fancy Food Show is in SAn Diego this year. I always came to SF for the show. I had hoped to visit your place at that time. Maybe a trip is in store anyway.

Congratulations to you and your partners in crime, Shuna! I wish I could be in San Francisco this evening. Break a leg!

how do you like the pants?


JOE FISH!! you finally surfaced from the Black Lagoon! And then you made me laugh really hard, when I finally got your joke. {I am really tired.}

nice to hear from you!

I lurve my new trousers, thanks for inquiring.


good luck, and may the force be with you!!!


Congrats! I can't wait to eat there!

Woo! Congrats, and good work!


YAY! Can't wait to try your desserts... and... oh yeah... the other stuff too! Congrats to you!

man...i really need to eat at this place. way too many interesting places opening up lately!

YAY! Congrats!

Shuna, I am so happy for you. You must feel exhausted yet happy and relieved.
And that first picture is absolutely stunning.

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