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24 October 2007


Just read your comments on Ruhlman's blog and BRAVO! Excellent response. It's about time we start pulling the focus away from these media "chefs" who no longer do the real work that you do.

shuna, that is EXACTLY what i love about the nature of the blog is its immediacy and its capacity to connect people. thanks for your passionate writing and passionate cooking.

Thanks for sending the letter to was great. I am old enough to remember your Mom's writing.

Once again you inspire me. You are a wordsmith supreme Shuna.

thanks for mentioning me to michael ruhlman! i love his work. and have stayed up many many many late nights reading it.

it's hard but necessary to tell the true stories. in all things but especially in cooking since this is our industry's moment in the publishing spotlight.

Loved your open response @ ruhlman. Great going. Food bloggers are pooh-poohed in India by technologically disadvantaged chefs. It is mainly seen as a home cooks' domain!

Whoa...46 comments over there now? The conversation about Shuna'a letter has really changed...I just wanna cook! (and you know, write about cooking!) Hope all is well Shuna!

Bravo! I've read so many blogs who probably couldn't tell a pomme fritte from a fritter. I'm glad to see someone with knowledge & taste will make some interesting commentary.

Well said. I just commented on Chadzilla's post about your letter. In the last few months I have found myself marking all non-chef feeds as read without actually opening them. And yet I am excited when you, Chad, Shola, or Alex and Aki post.

I am not a professional chef (maybe yet) but I am a home cook who is inspired by the creativity of you guys. Thanks for writing.

Good linking! Generous of Michael Ruhlman to give you so much space. Great that he remembered you so vividly!

Awesome, Jane, er, I mean Shuna! I thoroughly enjoyed reading all the comments. Some were insightful, some hilarious, some bizarre. Overall, a good discussion. And thank you for leaving a link to my site in your letter!

Hi, Shuna:

It was a hoot to see my BlogHer comment referenced in your letter. I loved what you said to Ruhlman. I think some people in the comments missed your point entirely, though, unfortunately.

Shuna, you rock. Your letter was amazing and the message...perfect. I'm with you on all counts. As a food/restaurant writer (erzats blogger too) in New Orleans, I can only tell you that I LOVE our chefs, their art, the soul of the dishes they create and their daily dedication to the craft. Those of us that are like-minded stick together like glue and help each other, just as you experience in SF. I was very moved by your words and after having a particularly trying week, it's your letter that grounded me and reminded me why I love what I do. If you are ever in New Orleans, I hope we can meet.


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