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29 October 2007


Dig in the herb garden, cook, lunch with friends, read trashy mysteries, write about things other than food!

I try to run away up to Sonoma Co. -- where my parents live -- from time to time to read, sit in the backyard, pet the cats, go for a run on the backroads, and go to the beach. It totally helps me decompress, just to get out of the city for a few days.

keep up with garden, lay around and read and watch movies- sometimes feel compelled to cook all day, often things I don't do at work like bake bread or practice corning beef, cure sauerkraut, make pickles, etc.

I make muffins, take them to the market, and barter for stuff. Well, that and dress up like jebus. My fav though is going for a walk. The pace of walking is conducive for some great thinking.


(I'm still thinking about that cumin pot de creme!)

I like to torture my cat, watch bad television, stare at the clouds, dance to Tina Turner's "Bold Soul Sister," eat yummy food with pals like you and visit blogs like this one here.

Garden! That and watch great melodramatic Bollywood flicks...

i clean , post sillyness on the internet . play online games like world of warcraft ( yes im a dork )

i watch a ton of tv as well .. im lazy as cats too .. im watching guy guzzle deep fried something on food network as i type this ..

i play music . listen to music . post about music ...

lately ive actually been spending some of my off time planning new menus .. somethign i wouldnt normally do .. my time is my time ..

oh and sometimes i talk to the neighbors cat ..

and reality tv... did i mention reality tv?

doing prep work at the chez panisse kitchen= some of my favorite days off.

i'm a workaholic so i rarely take days off from my research job at berkeley--even though i constantly complain about it. However, i do like to unwind by going to rivoli early in their dinner service, sit at the bar, and share a glass or two of wine and dinner with my fiance.

Me, I read a lot and cuddle with the cats.

Also, I cook.

When I had a garden, I puttered in the garden. Now I only have pots, so I goon a walk to other gardens instead.

Be well Shuna ~ our thoughts and hearts are with you.

Actually, one of the most wonderful days for me is sitting with my dog and my boyfriend on the couch, reading through cookbooks as if they were novels, planning a long leisurely lunch AND dinner, talking on the phone, and letting my mind wander. Oh, and imagining that someday i will have a garden.. Lovely!

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