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12 October 2007


First, delicious bedding is not a's a god-given right.
Second...this experience of opening this restaurant, for better and for worse, has produced the best writing this glass house has ever seen. Keep up the good work champ...on all fronts.

This is a beautiful and necessary rant.

And, as a side note:

"Try living for one day with a name like mine. First and last."

Heh. I just had an old friend, getting back in touch, say to me, "I try to avoid Googling you at work, for obvious reasons." Yeah, I know what he means. I know what you mean, too. It does change your persepective, your stance, how you talk about the world in public.

Every time I post something general, I'm told I'm being "cryptic" and people ask me who specifically I was talking about. And every time, I say, if I'd meant someone specific I would have either said so, or I wouldn't've posted.

I'm delighted and stunned that you've got enough energy left over to write such passionate missives for us.

I'm sad but not a little surprised that your publicity whirl is bringing you new readers who don't get what's happening here, and who jump right in to something obviously complicated and immediately begin inferring disaster. Hm.

I'm sorry for all the confusion, but elated that you're turning it into something so glittery and strong.

And I can't wait to come back and try more of your creations, especially now that the seasons seem to well and truly be changing.

What a year this has been.

Ah, Coney Island. Can you smell it? Can you taste it? Can you hear the rickety whoosh of the ancient toy cars on the Cyclone? Just thinking about it makes me think I have sand between my toes.

Why is it that remembering is so much sweeter than actually living in the moment?

I think too many folks see blogs as a form of reality tv, something to gulp down and spit out in a matter of minutes. Disposable entertainment for instant gratification.

Modern media has lost the truths behind shared stories...that this is about human connections, not divisions. Growth, not destruction. It becomes hard to grasp that not everything is scripted to heighten the drama...that it's about real passion, real fear, real explorations. Readers cannot assume that they 'know' the whole story...but should feel gifted that they had a chance to taste a bit of another's life experience.

This is food for the soul. How bland life would be without it.

i told you what i thought the other day, but also: you are not alone. you have a team that believes in you and in what you are doing completely. even if you are having a bad day or if things are rough or if everyone is beyond tired. they chose you, too.

won't it all be so much fun, someday, in the future? tho if it isn't, there will always be ice cream...

Almost one year in, and we're still dealing with almost everything you underline here. Its never easy, is it?

great to finally meet you today....thanks for spending a little of your time.

Shuna, I *love* the fucking heat and I'll stay in your kitchen until they drag me out kicking and hollering.

A woman after my own heart. I always have enjoyed someone who could just let it rip. Excellent.

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