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06 November 2007


Alas, there is no cure. Think of it in food terms. You crush (bruise or muddle) fresh herbs to release the intensity of their flavors. It brings out the best, leaving a bruised and mangled leaf in its wake. Much like the love crush. Or you crush sweet grapes in order to ferment them, achieving a more complex and interesting profile. You need at least a little pain and/or destruction to fully appreciate the delicious delirium of the crush. Hopefully when it's all said and done, you recover as a richer, more complex human.

I find it helps if life makes spending time together tragically difficult.

And then, it also helps if you spend some time focusing on someone else. Bonus points if that person lives in another country.

Then, maybe do something that takes an absurd amount of emotional energy, like quit your job. (Not saying you should. Just saying it worked for me.)

It doesn't make the crush go away, but it sure takes the edge off.


I am so totally there right now. It's awesome and sucks all at the same time.

It's sort of a delicious kind of pain though, isn't it? Unbearable, yet also impermanent, like bathwater poured too hot. Just wait a little, and you will find you can tolerate it just fine, even enjoy it.

Saying pain goes away doesn't help, not really, when all you want to do is DO something, anything. My solution when I hurt and can't "do" anything is to make pizza (dough only) or make tortillas. Slap around a few dozen tortillas and make each slap mean something about the situation. Hand stretch that pizza dough, toss it up in the air and don't always catch it. Then, when you're through beating it, the situation, and most importantly yourself up, throw the dough away. Get rid of all the wasted, useless emotions and energy. Wash every utensil, sweep up the flour dust and don't forget that piece of dough that went flying across the counterspace. Pizza and tortillas have their place. Figure out what it is you thought you were making and then go get those "right ingredients." They're out there. I promise.

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