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29 November 2007


me too!

California-grown yuzu? Yay!

Dear Shuna,
I'm taking a moment to step out of the fold of anonymous readers (well, not quite, cos you still wont know me) to thank you and tell you how much i appreciate your blog. I'm but one of your many fans, but why shouldnt we take a little moment to be thankful and recognise the things well done that give us joy. (Yeah, this is one of those moments - quick, before i get engulfed in work again...)

Thank you so much for sharing your insights with a bunch of strangers - culinary and otherwise. I don't drop in that often, but when i do, it's always rewarding.

What i love most abt your blog is the way you write abt food. Such zany but heartfelt imagery, your pairings of words makes me sit up and leaves me smiling to myself. Whenever i meet someone who doenst love food, i feel like sending them marching to read your blog - your deep respect of food shines through - and what poetry! (you're a natural) more evocative than most photos i see on blogs!

And i instinctively trust your recipes. If it comes from you, i don't doubt for a moment it won't work. I might still tweak it but i won't be suspicious.And the unorthodox way you write your recipes is like having soemone give instructions at your side. (Btw, i tried your pie crust recipe. Still feeling my way abt it, still shaky with the rolling, but the taste and texture have been absolutely marvellous- even with the first attempt that i threw out cos i messed up:) Only thing is i never get enough for two layers!! But that's probably me... What i've been meaning to try is your chocolate frosting, simply on the basis of that one line you wrote, abt how shiny it will be like a mink stole, or sth... YOu see, the power of words!! Can i ask a question? is this a ganache? Will it be light enough to glaze a cake? many recipes i see dont call for any sort of whipping, just melting, what is the difference? If i use a whisk cos i dont have the metal blades you call for, will i have half a mink stole? ;)) I dream of those smooth, impossibly dark glazed chocolate cakes with the impossibly neat sharp edges that are, well, impossible.. will you give us a reicpe for that?)

But I digress. Finally, i like your blog for its searing honesty. You write beautifully of your pains and joys. You allude to a missing person(s) in your life - i can only wish you well. I'm not anywhere near so i can drop by and taste your food, but i think i'll like the cook even more than the food.

so thanks a bunch shuna,keep beating those eggs.

What makes Monterey Market so wonderful is the generosity of Bill Fujimoto, who runs it, or perhaps inspires it, or stands by indulgently as it runs itself for the most part. He is a genius in the sense of génie. He is one of the best men I have ever met. You can get a good idea of all this by watching Lisa Brenneis's film Eat At Bill's, available on DVD at Monterey Market (or see

Giggle, giggle. Chuckle, chuckle. Fond memories of being in SF when I was supposed to be elsewhere! Bringing home tasty surprises to my family and friends and never telling where they came from other than to say, "Heaven." Thanks for the reminder!

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