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30 November 2007


Oh what a tease! I was thinking about taking my mum and grandma on a california coast trip and maybe taking in Sens on our way, but I couldnt get reservations through open table!

I think I liked last year, I was asleep on a plane. I find it a little confusing over in the states as everyone is celebrating at different times. I liked it in England when everyone was celebrating at once.

We're heading out of dodge, staying for nearly 2 weeks in a jewel-box of a guest house up in wine country. If all goes to plan, we'll ring in the new year by the fire with a bottle of good local bubbly. We've utterly given up on the effort and expense of dinners out on holidays (although I am sure that the party at Sens will be something to see, and taste!).

I rarely make pans for the "big" party. Especially in San Francisco- it just seems like so many people come in to town to experience what we are lucky enough to be able to do every night if we wished. The best New Year's nights I've spent have been at last-minute, spontaneous get-togethers. For treats on that night I always prefer something small but decadently rich-- hopes of wealth for the New Year I suppose. I love things like a bite of the blackest chocolate with orange.

Clementine caramel or raspberry caramel crystal shards of some kind with some kind of fluffy chocolate, kind of like those English (?) chocolate bars of flaky chocolate foam. Mmm. That popped into my head.

I usually am loving being at home, though I would love to be surprised by a kiss from someone that I would enjoy a kiss from. I think I will be at a neighborhood party this year. I hope. But! Why is it the ones you Don't Want are usually the bold ones in the stolen smooches dept??? God, they've taught me a lot about bravery. Expensive tuition though, really!

Chocolate... or champagne??

look for mangosteen or mangosteen jam... goes great with coffee... and i can imagine, swirled into a flourless chocolate cake. a local pairing here is mangosteen jam with coffee ice cream.

This year will be different for me. Usually I am traveling back from the east coast on new years - having just seen my whole family and celebrated my grandmother's birthday. That will not be the case this year as she passed away this summer, just short of her 100th birthday. So I suspect I will be both a bit sad and also a bit relieved at not having to be in transit at that time of year. I plan to build a fire in the fireplace. To make a nice dinner and roast some apples, and read a good book in front of the fire, feling very grateful for all that I have, and all that my grandma gave me over the years. Maybe take a walk in my neighborhood feeling the chill of the air and the stillness of the night.

New Year's Eve dessert? Personally, I adore wedding cake. Why couldn't you make a glorious new year's eve cake lavishly decorated (with yummy raspberry filling) like a wedding cake?

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