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11 November 2007


artful tools at hand
seasons of delicious dreams
waiting for a taste

Will you tell us whose words line your professional space. I'm intrigued to hear what books you've chosen to have in your kitchen.
Kat...great haiku.

I recognize a few books that I also have in my collection. Moro is great. It is one of the few books I know of that has a comprehensive Brick dough recipe. Have you tried this recipe? Do you make Fuille de Brik (Warka) from scratch ever? And another book, Paula Wolfert's Cooking of Eastern Mediterranean. Two of my favorites.

Must be nice to have room in your pastry kitchen to store some books.

Can't wait to visit Sens.

That room is so fucking cool.

That's a cool picture to look at while I sit here late at night eating kimchi flavored seaweed snacks.

I think I have spatula envy.

mmmmmmm haiku! thank you sweet thang. woof.

book titles? yes, later, but really I am reaching into far more secluded places for my current inspiration...

Roger Feely!!
Are you coming back to the States for a bit?! Of course I would love and be honored to feed you!!
No, I have not made the dough you speak of. But you have given me pause for a try...


and you for got to add, "at 3 am"!! {The funny thing was that I was reading Chadzilla when this comment pinged in!}

Indeed, our collection is excessive. But the guarantee is this-- if one takes exceptional care of these tools, one has them for far longer than one would think. (well unless you're a line cook. heh.)

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