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16 November 2007


I'm glad it's getting easier. it's so hard to retrain your mind to speak of someone in the past tense; I try to be gentle on myself about this, but I wonder if people feel I've lost my mind.

"it is the padded crowbar
the gentle shove
the loving slap
the searing pain that is welcome and despised
/ my heart opening"

So beautiful!

Thank you for posting this.

hello lovely

lisa dee

I'm sorry

Lovely writing.

Banal to say, but I found it does get easier, although in a way I didn't want it to get easier. At the 5-year mark (this year), something did shift.

Still, anniversaries are hard, and important, too.

Hungrygirl, that's a lovely admission. I often feel the same way, like making it easier would somehow mean I had lessened my respect/love, like making it easier would make them drift further away. Thanks for being brave enough to admit that, and I hope you are brave enough to let go and heal.

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