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10 December 2007


That's really neat that you got to feed Al Gore and all, but



Al came through our classroom kitchen at Johnson & Wales in Rhode Island sometime around 96 or 97 when he was VP to Billy Clint.
They made us take all of the knives out of the kitchen then told me to pretend I was filleting the salmon that was on my cutting board. They did let me keep a meat mallet, though. I still wonder how my life would be different if I had taken the opportunity to smack him on the head that day.
Just a thought.

Chadzilla - did you graduate from J&W? If so, could you please let us know where you work? I just want to know where not to go - I wouldn't want anyone with such incredibly bad judgment to be in charge of the food I eat!

That is soooo cool! Although not nearly as famous, I had the honor of feeding some of the BFM farmers at a party and it was immensely satisfying to hear people say they liked something, or watch the contented looks on their faces as they simply sat and chewed......then snuck off for seconds.

Love it. Hugs.

oh, you did *not* just post Al Gore's plates...well, you did. too funny.

Ms Alice Q--

"incredibly bad judgment"?? for thinking?! Come on now-- have a sense of humor here. Don't tell me you've never had an odd or off thought in all of your life.

Me, I would always rather that my food was cooked by humans and not unthinking, unfeeling machines!

Its wonderful to see those scraped clean plates, whoever they were from. Congratulations on making such delicious creations. Not many things make me happier than people I like or love absolutely loving my food. It happened yesterday, I made a big creation which will be revealed later in the month, and it was gone in literally a matter of seconds!

Ha, that's great. The Gores are old family friends of ours (my grandparents and his parents were both from the same town in TN), we are very happy about him accepting the prize today.

I seriously cannot believe you posted that picture. Good job I am not Al Gore else there might have been a new meaning coined for 'peace prize'.

Hope you also saw haddock's lovely review of his dessert experience at Sens.

And thanks for reprimanding Alice Q. That was a pretty insensitive comment.

Always thought Al Gore might be a bec fin. Now I know.

Congrats on your WellFed nominations!

Wow! This is one of those "you know you've made it when..." moments. How cool!

Yo! Did those plates go into the dishwasher, or do you still have his DNA?
Piece Prize to you!

Thanks for defending my strange sense of humor, Shuna. Truly, my urge to smack people on the head with a meat mallet is partisan neutral. It was just the importance of the moment and the desire to do something that is forbidden beyond belief... to smack the Vice President of the United States... I can't help where my mind goes, just the choice to act or not.
It's great to see that Sens is slamming right now, and you (all of you) are getting some great recognition.
Now I have 2 places I absolutely must eat if I'm ever on the other coast... Sens and Il Canto.

I'm not famous, but we did meet briefly a few weeks ago at Shauna's book signing at Book Passage. And, you fed ME and my bf last week at Sens. Loved the butterscotch pot de creme, loved the dinner too. Must come back again to try more desserts, appetizers and the baked fish.

Bear? Aww, that's awesome.
That Al guy too...

The Dessert Dominatrix strikes again!

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