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05 December 2007


Hey Shuna,

Traci Des Jardins started blogging

Aloha Chef,

I love your site and check it our daily. I think you have a great ‘voice’ and passion in what you do. And as a former instructor at a major culinary school, I find your thoughts on schools refreshing and in line with my own.

I am blogging from Maui at the moment where I am a chef at the Hyatt. Not where I want to be, but where I am.

My blog is about a lot of things, but mostly a way to communicate to the few chefs I am still in touch with on the east coast, as well as a way to develop our plan to open our own place in the next year or so. Form which, I have taken a lot of inspiration from you. I am trying to get one of my former co-workers who is still at the school to co-blog with me, but so far she has only been able to comment. We are still working out the details.

Looking forward to more of the same.


You already know some of my info, but...
a. Miami, Florida area
b. Trump International Beach Resort
c. savory inclined
d. yes

Sorry, but I thought wearing crocs in places where sharp implements are prevalent was a no-no? That's what they told the medical folks and I assume would apply to a knife-loaded kitchen. I fear for your feet!!

Here I go.

a. Monterrey, Mexico
b. Independent, sort of (formerly Culinary School)
c. Both
d. Yes

Oh, and I got to agree with Chad on the croc issue, but also because of hot liquid spills. But I'm guilty of wearing no-hole crocs.

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