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04 December 2007


Sounds like fun Shuna. Wish I could come over to play.

I'll take one of each, please!

I loved the poetic names, but the straightforward names will probably sell better. They don't confuse those who are transitioning into food comas.

Shuna, your dessert meanu is so inspiring. I can't wait to try ad recreate the buckwheat cake and serve it with poached pears, just like you do...
If only I lived in sf!

I've got my table booked! I'm looking forward to it very much!

Oh wow. I was just thinking about cardamon ice cream this weekend and here it is on your menu. I may have to extend my holiday trip to the Bay Area to visit!

When our new cooks ask where we keep our tongs, Shannon asks if they think they were hired to work in a diner. But I agree, they work wonders for manipulating hot ramekins out of a water bath. I will be picking up your suggested gloves asap. I love keeping a tool kit from the hardware store for pastry work, and relish any chance to add to it. I have been using various putty knives to "shmear" my thick sauces lately.

That's it. I'm officially coming in to try one of each!

i hear the hot new kitchen item, silicone wares also came out with gloves that's great for holding hot dishes.

otherwise, those insulated welding gloves use comes in pretty handy, too! learned of that first a year ago on a wellfed site.

Yes, see you and your lovely desserts tomorrow! oooo, honey marshmallows, mmm.

Again, as Marco Pierre White said "use your fingers, I dont care if you burn weren't given fingers so you wouldnt burn them."

They're all enticing, but I think I'd go for the last two.

Oh shoot! I loved the poetic descriptions...But I do suppose this is far more practical as far as selling stuff. Either way, they look good.

Thank you for the gardening glove idea! I needed that. I tried a stab at a chestnut creme caramel recipe this evening and just used my fingers to get them out of the water after waiting a couple minutes. Meanwhile, I butchered a few cinnamon chocolate creme brulees last week trying to get them out with (gasp) tongs!

ah, I miss the cute names.

Yummy. Given the opportunity, I would happily order every single one of these things at least once.

I love the idea of a dessert salad.

I'm also totally with you on #480.

I am with you on #480. And TWO pot de creme's on the menu. wow. Suprisingly the cumin one wasn't my cuppa tea even though I so expected it to be. There is no doubt the butterscotch would be. Too bad I don't have a spare minute between now and next year to stop by and try. Love the sound of the pistachio gift.

I'll have a pistachio gift please :-)

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