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19 December 2007


oooh, how exciting!

All the others have been so positive... I'm sure Bauer's going to love you, too.

I know you have said it yourself here, but I must say it again. Whether the review is positive, negative, or more likely a mixture of the two, you will still be doing the same thing, you will still be making food, putting up plates that attempt to incite joy, curiosity and food memory in those who eat them. That is your job and that is your goal, and whether one you accomplished your mission in the eyes of one diner seems slightly irrelevant when you frame it in that bigger picture.
It is always nice to hear nice things about your work, to have someone stroke your ego, but that feeling can only last so long if we don't check in with the pride and satisfaction that lies within. I pray for you to have to wisdom and discipline to look within during a hectic time of extreme looking outward.

Hope you get some sleep! We'll be there in january anyways!

fingers crossed, breath held.

no matter what HE says there are new surprises, new joys. and he does have a lot of power but he can't validate your food and your aesthetic and your vision. he's just one man who struggles to write good prose. remember that.

Whatever the review says, you know I'll be coming back!

Fuck that piece of shit Bauer. Seriously. I am sure the place is great, and the food to die for. San Francisco food scene is full of political blow jobs and cliques. It has less to do with the actualities of the food being served and the techniques being used and more to do with who can suck the best cock (metaphorically speaking of course ;) )
Anyway, I don't know if you have off for Christmas, but I am making a ham and a standing rib roast if you want to come over. I haven't seen you in sometime, so I thought it might be nice.
Hope we can see each other soon,

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