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26 December 2007


I zipped over to SFGate on Sunday morning and read Bauer's piece. I can't imagine what happened to the lamb shank (it's been one of our faves both times we ordered it) but at least he loved the octopus. I haven't tried either the apple crepe or the buckwheat cake (a reminder that it's definitely time to come back), so I have no way to gauge his dislikes with my own palate. But it did seem overall very even-handed, thorough review. he certainly tried a good chunk of your very extensive menu!

Sending you best wishes in the new year with your new endeavor!! I've been enjoying your blog :-)


So glad you're happy with the review! I thought he did a decent job.
And I think your dessert ideas sound fantastic.
See you soon.

Your relief over this review is completely justified. With respect to the critic's obligation to balance the good with the not-so-good, he gave you a great review and seems to write without too much bias.
After reading your blog all of this time, I did not know much about the Chef's style. He seems very focused, and it's not that often that reading a menu's list of ingredients causes me to salivate... but all of that lamb, olives, sardines, and thigh meat are making me hungry. I love that choice of flavors. I also love his particular focus on the Mediterranean, and can only imagine what he does with the flavors given the high quality of product he is apparently bringing in.
Congratulations! Time for a new year!

Excellent response to the Chronicle review! Great how you talk about your team, how you want them to see that striving for excellence does get noticed. Also the "treehouse" photos are splendid!!

Shuna, congratulations on this excellent review -- how fabulous. I can't wait to come to Sens next time I'm in SF -- soon, I hope, although I know I've been saying that all fall. It really sounds like my kind of restaurant, since I have a particular affinity for North African /MidEastern /Mediterranean flavors -- and lamb is probably my favorite entree.

In the meantime, I'll soon be working up a batch of Lisettes that will come your way with wishes for all good things in the new year...

That restaurant seems made for the flavors you love. Congratulations on the review.

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