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24 December 2007


merry Fishmas dear friend....may all your dreams come true!

I appreciate that you write with such sincerity and vulnerability, like a stream of consciousness directly from the heart. I also appreciate your honesty. Happy holidays! And I hope you achieve all 15 entries on your wish list.

Hi there- I hope all your wishes come true - but as an aside- the review was well great. I hope the reivew helps you sell more dessert. Keep going.

I want people to understand that I am not becoming a hardened soul by not wanting to come home for christmas....Rather I realize how crazy it is at work and would rather wait until the chaos is over....
A.not a first semester culinary graduate,
B.and at the same time not a seasoned Chef.
C.Merely a dedicated pastry cook (or monkey)
D. and a newfound lover of cheese

A cynical list, hm?? You mean the world isn't all gumdrops and rainbows?! jk. I hope your wishes come true :) Can you put a "Pastry Chef Special" on the dessert menu? Yay for desserts! I don't know if I mentioned but we're bringing OOT friends by this week for some holiday eats...gotta hit the gym in preparation for the marathon eating.

Shuna--happy holidays to you, too. I love reading your blog, for both your professional as well as personal insights and I thank you for putting yourself out there.

I second Christine's pov-Love your blog for both its professional and personal ruminations.

Take care.

Happy Holidays, Shuna. Your blog is always thought provocking. Many of your resolutions hit home for me, too

Veranda inadvertently hit upon a point I wanted to mention. These entries seem not like Christmas wishes and more like New Year's resolutions. Do you make resolutions for the new year? Where do you draw the line between wish and resolution? Do you recognize an inherent difference in the personal responsibility these terms imply?
Hope these all come true!

As always, your posts give me much to think and reflect on.
Have a fantastic day!

I hope all your wishes come true Shuna! Happy Holidays...enjoy the day off!

Merry Christmas my lovely friend.

/I want Cara Cara oranges to arrive at Whole Foods NOW


Oooooooo but really you wish you could reach into my fridge and pull out my bag of mandarinquats! Or go to our walk-in and see my case of bergamot! Or come to monterey Market with me to visit the Yuzu!

I look forward to meeting you over produce one day!

Happy Christmas is Almost Over!

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