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04 January 2008


How do you know that this is what you want to do?
That's a great question that may be asked of many endeavors. Sometimes it's hard to see the answer because you are in a whirlwind. When I read your words about putting a dish together, I relate 100%. Just like anything that requires total passion, it sucks you in. I remember being a kid in school drawing sketches in my notebook. It wasn't the pencil leaving marks on the blank spaces, but my whole consciousness was drawn into it. I saw it 3 dimensionally as if I were inside the picture revealing the things only my eyes could see.
That is the exact way I feel when I am really into a dish, a preparation, a presentation, a technique. You cannot notice it yourself because you are inside of it. It's usually when others start to migrate around you to see what is so entrancing that you realize the scope of the passion within.
I believe that this is the same thing.
Happy new year, Shuna. All the best.

Oh boo! I just realized that I forgot to ask if the chestnut dessert was available when I visited last time. Argh.

I do believe it's very important to know exactly why you want to do something. I agree with you, it's a huge committment-to yourself, to the industry that you're entering, and to those who are counting on what you do!

Today's cake is

Cara Cara Creamsicle with Cara Cara marmalade filling and Cara Cara Creme Fraiche frosting.

Photos? Gimme two hours.

I will utilize these oranges to their extra sweet/low acidic end. I have to, I bought a frickin' case. I am also trying to prove to myself that citrus doesn't just have to be a juice/mixer (1/2 c of juice from one of these homeboys!) or curd or sorbet, it can be versatile. The components of this cake, to me, are baby steps. I can do better than this, not that this sucks, but there's more for me to consider. January-March is a fun time of the year for me now. I never used to consider it until I met this orange! It's Cara Cara Craziness up in this house right now! The aroma here is phenomenal!

Oh, all the lovely description and the tease of the ingredients and the hints of what's in it, and no photos of the finished dessert? Oh MY!!! This is so mean! lol

"The discovery of a new dish does more for mankind than the discovery of a new star." -Brillat-Savarin

Have a nice day, I'm off on a long adventure...and I'm only talking about getting there.

I love these photos, especially the hint of mischeviousness in the first. I would call it your Queen Mab hairstyle...I promise to come in an try that citrus dreamy sonnet soon!
And I nominated you for a Bloggie for best writing...

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