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07 January 2008


I've seen mandarins and I've seen kumquats, but I haven't seen mandarinquats at our San Diego farmers' markets. I'll be asking about them now though. I get giddy at the thought of those mouth-puckeringly tart kumquats, so I can't imagine how much I would love these.


sometimes when a fruit is this specialized you might not find it at your local f.m. even if they're grown locally. For example, I can't even seem to get these fruits from my local produce company. They might only be grown by one or a couple of farms.

In order to grow rare fruit, the farmers who chose to do so, can usually only afford to sell directly in small quantities. Until more farmers plant these trees, finding them easily won't be the case.

But they are worth looking for! Let us know if you get ahold of some...

Heh, I STILL have the sugary print of the wagon wheel I dropped on my jeans at Kat's place.......

(read: time for laundry)


Hi Shuna - I just woke from a very vivid dream about tasting mandarinquats, solely based on reading this post before I went to bed! Thanks for another great post. :)

those are absolutely gorgeous!

You're cool, buy them all. As I read I was thinking, how the hell did she know that after 2pm they were all gone? You're cool, buy them all.

Orange is the new black? Meathenge just jumped a level of cool. Now I just need to figure out how to cook something.


I am in love, ah mandarinquats. Beautiful, darling, delicious, worthy of any camera lense, your kitchen, the knife. All is fair in love and war, taxi rules included.

All the obsessing aside, I hope your 2008 is off to a good start!

I just bought a couple of handfuls, because of your high recommendation! They're at the fruit/vegetable store in Market Hall (was just browsing spotted them, remembered your post and swiped some up).

They're a bit wieldier than kumquats for eating out of hand (I took a bite an a big stream of mandarinquat juice streamed into my hair) I'm candying them. I've just stolen a bite of them (they're still cooling)--DELISH.

I just bought some at Trader Joe's today...I didn't expect them to be so sour! They are certainly beautiful though.


Did you eat the whole thing together? If you do not eat a bit of skin and interior you don't get the sweet/sour effect. Just like a kuquat, but bigger, and I think the mandarinquat is sweeter than the kumquat, but I realize it's a fine line for those whose mouths are strong enough to eat rind and all...

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