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10 January 2008


I look forward to reading this, and congrats on your prizes!

I read your article with great interest. I was only 21 and a new mom when my 2 month old son was diagnosed with cancer. The next three years were spent carrying him through the terrible ordeal of surgeries and procedures and chemo and cat scans, all the while trying to keep him as nourished and "healthy" as I could.

I wish I'd known then some of the things you found out - especially about watermelon and yogurt - but I found my way in the dark and we both got through it as stronger souls.

One of our specific challenges as he grew was that many on chemo can't tolerate solids and liquids at the same time. To this day (20 years later), he eats his entire meal without a drink and then drinks only after he's done eating.

Thank you again for the love and care you put into your cooking, your articles and your blog!!

Moving, Shuna!! Well done--at the time in the work and thought and love you put in while your friend was alive, and now in writing this piece. You're a fine one!

Thank you for sharing this Shuna. I wish I'd had someone like you to cook for me when going through chemo. My husband admits to being a hopeless cook and struggled through my chemo. I found I ate a lot of starchy and salty food as that helped with the nausea. I also had watermelon first thing every morning and have never touched it again. I hope I get over that someday as I miss it. Often in the middle of the night I would sit at the kitchen table in the dark and eat a clementine to relieve my dry mouth. On the way home from my chemo treatment we always stopped for a Big Mac and fries for which I had a craving. Now I can't walk past a McDonalds without feeling ill. Your friend was such a lucky person to have you around.

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