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15 January 2008


Shuna, great post and I for one am very interested to hear that someone is writing a dissertation on this subject. Off to take the survey.

I filled out the survey, but I found the questions kind of simplistic and from my POV off base. Still it's good to see someone studying this. Not to sound too much like sour grapes (I am hardly doing anything to contribute to this field of study!) - but the biggest disconnect I saw was an attempt to equate or parallel blogging with journalism.

Questions like "would attaching a resume or credentials to a blog make me think better or worse of it" miss the point in some fundamental way for me. Blogging is about mostly about community to me. It is experiential, deeply personal to the individual blogger and flexibly open-ended. Journalism is more regimented. They compliment each other, but are not the same nor should they be.

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