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28 January 2008


"or kiss each dish with red cocoa buttered lips"

I am totally digging that image. =)

Agh, the suspense! Your pictures of roses reminded me of my saffron rosewater ice cream experiment and although it tasted yummy, I didn't add enough rosewater for the scent or flavor to come through! I know cold dulls flavors a bit-perhaps rose oil was in order?

Yum. I can't wait to hear about what you have up your sleeve. Wish I could taste it, too!

My Valentine's plans: I am going to Canteen with one of my sweeties, in large part because it is right around the corner from the place where I will be reading later as part of My Sucky Valentine.

I still have to write something for My Sucky Valentine...

How exciting! I cant wait to hear what you have planned. If the chocolate dessert I tried was anything to go by they are in for a wonderful treat.

I love the idea of having to eat with their fingers then maybe having fingerbowls for after, so sensual.

I think I'll be making my love a bacon sandwich in the shape of a heart. What a shame he doesnt like dessert!


tanks! mmmmsmooooch!


It's best not to use rose oil in food as most of it is not food-grade or safe to eat. With rose water you need to add, taste, add, taste etc. until you get the correct balance. remember that you lose 10% flavor when food is frozen.

Lori S. !!

You'll tell all of us without sweethearts where My Sucky Valentine is this year, right? One year I went and bumped into an old girlfriend. sucky indeed.


I'll take a heart shaped bacon sandwich anyday. Nothing says love like pork. :}

Hello Shuna,
I've been lurking around your blog for a little while, and the flaming passion you have for your art/craft/life makes a smoke signal I can see from my little mountaintop north of SF. I am a writer and former pastry chef who is heartened to find the rare "old school" artiste such as yourself.

all these pictures of roses! makes me think of rose petal cardamom cake!

Your request is my command. Here's the info for the My Sucky Valentine show. It's in an art gallery this year, which I think will be extra-fun.

Looking forward to hearing what you make for the big day!

Me, I'm having a little dinner party for my dad, as it's also his birthday. I'll probably make a vegan chocolate cake (he's on a low-cholesterol diet), but not sure yet about the rest of the meal -- probably something appropriately wintry.

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