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09 January 2008


I found the little devils can't walk on WD40--so I used to spray it everywhere to keep them away.

OH..those dreaded ants! Here's a tip..they can't walk through baby powder. During the rainy season I sprinkle it all along the edges in every room & underneath table legs. Also in my cabinets all around the base. It's better than those nasty ant sprays & it always smells like babies. :)

Same thing happens here in Southern Spain, too. Well before the first rain is even forecasted, I can tell by the ants. Bay leaves keep them away - once the house is clean

Here's an easy one for you, Shuna: fresh ground cinnamon. Doesn't seem to work with older stuff, I tried to use up some aging powder. Also Tabasco will keep them away from the outside even in rainy areas. I don't know about SF downpours, but they are supposed to be able to survive for two weeks in their hill if the entrance is flooded (joy!)with plain water. Good luck with your little visitors.

Well My Goodness! thanks for the feedback and suggestions. I've been using baking soda because ants can't walk on it. I like that it's odorless and absorbs odor but it will take a while to get rid of all the grit it leaves behind...

The thing is that we've really needed the rain so I can't hate it too much. :}

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