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04 February 2008


You probably already know this but this is how Julia Child measures flour.

Thanks! I love it when you write about things like this--I always learn something new.

Rose Levy Beranbaum knows about sifting -- she wrote her masters degree dissertation on the topic (specifically, whether sifting affects the quality of a yellow cake). She mentions this in the introduction to The Cake Bible.

I love this post. It's food theory! ...not just the how, but the why. Lovely; thanks.

A food heroine of mine (here's a hint...her last name rhymes with card)advocates always triple sifting dry ingredients as well :o

This is SUCH a useful and helpful post - I have often wondered whether or not this was really necessariy and now I know! Thanks so much!

Ah sifting, I only needed to bite into one of my earliest loaves of banana bread and taste baking soda to become a believer. When I'm at my parents', I get my younger brother to do the sifting ;)

Thanks for posting this! I have been playing with some chocolate "brioche"-type doughs to use as the base of kuchen and they were not turning out as I'd hoped. As a (bread) baker who sidled into pastries I hadn't given enough thought to things like the order to put ingredients through the tamis and the temperament of cocoa powder. This was a wake-up call!

My suspicion had begun to fall on the cocoa powder but all these hints (and those in your posts on Devil's Food Cake and Hot Cocoa) will be a great help.

Thanks again.

Thanks so much for the tip about dropping the flour a few times before weighing it. I do sift, but I've never done that before.

And I always thought it was "tuchus".

Great explanation.

What about whisking the dry ingredients, is that equivalent to sifting? Oh and we went to that store when we were in SF in September. Loved it!!


yes, as Yiddish is translated into a phonetic spelling when made English I imagine there are dozens of spelling options...


whisking is not the same as sifting. although it makes ingredients look uniform it doesn't separate and aerate them. so glad you made it to Kamei. Hopefully next time I can meet you too!

what a great post. i'm a terribly novice baker (just baked my first ever batch of cookies yesterday!), but i've always wondered whether to measure before or after sifting. thanks for such a lovely post!

Without wishing to sound like a stalker... I am LOVING your blog.

Great post, I work in pharmaceuticals and we would NEVER use a powder unless it had been sieved first.

On another subject surely ingredient for baking should always be measured by weight!

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