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28 February 2008


I LOVE egg creams. When I feel particularly crappy, I go to the store and buy egg cream fixins. Always chocolate.

Oy, Shunela -- So many memories of New York! Thanks.

Oh Shunela indeed - so funny to read this today... just a couple of weeks ago I had the following for lunch at the (Greek?) diner near my mother-in-law's apt:
cup of matzo ball soup
tuna with lettuce and tomato on white toast
a chocolate egg cream!
it hit the spot.
there is a place in the west village that makes great egg creams, on Hudson I think.
can't wait to have one with you.
ny love to you,

And chopped liver. I heart chopped liver. Chopped liver and an egg cream will make everything OK for at least a little while.

I love the ones at Ozzy's in Elmwood. But now that I get Seltzer delivered, in bottles that keep the pressure, I have no excuse but to make them at home. I think I should try to come up with a better substitute for the Fox's though, some thin chocolate sauce...

Egg creams! I love them! They're a good dessert following a corned beef on rye with deli mustard. Kosher? Not so much :). But still scrummy. is this a good time to tell you that I've never actually had an egg cream?

I have never had an egg cream either but the recipe looks pretty easy and being gluten free is a double bonus, will try it out :)


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