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25 February 2008


I feel the same way about this music. It's on my continuous loop of favorite tunes--the entire album. I listen to it every day.

I nearly peed myself when they won.

Every Saturday afternoon, I cook and bake while playing my ipod shuffle, and that is the happiest hour of the week for me. I always find some inexpensive or affordable wine, and try to cook some matching food. As I love music so much, I just cannot help but enjoying the moment where the music and food(cooking) are intertwined.

Oh by the way, I love the movie once and OST too. I can feel such truthful feeling in their music.

Right - as always. Music is as important as salt, pepper and sugar in our daily living. I was struck by the fact that there were such a grand variety on this program. Scorsessie(sic) enjoying what the relatively new directors - Cohen and Cohen - had to say. And then the art genius of Mr. Boyles at 98 and the admonition of the young Mr. Hansard to "Make art." I didn't care for many of the movies I saw this past year, but the continuing desire to make art is inspiring no matter what your "art" is!

Not sure how I stumbled across you blog, but I really love it! Not to mention that our last few entries were essentially about the same thing -- that horrible storm and ONCE! You very eloquently wrote what I felt, but could not put into words. I was so happy that Marketa was able to speak --- I love strong women willing to make sure that they are heard too!

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