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05 February 2008


Hi, Shuna- Thanks for your blog.

Question: I don't live in SF but would like to attend a class like this, taught by a professional chef. I haven't come across many where I live. How did you start teaching classes for the public? Why - what's in it for you? How can I make a case to local chefs for offering these types of classes?


You may want to contact your local culinary school or Sur La Table or just talk to chefs in your area. I love teaching but not everyone does. Good luck!

Awwww, my bf and I just took a class on knife skills at Kitchen on Fire in November because we couldn't wait :( Maybe you'll teach a pastry or baking class...we'd be soooo there!

I would LOVE to attend--but I am not going to be available this weekend. Will you be holding these classes in the future?

Hello Christine,

You know every time I say I think this will be my last knife skills class, I'm wrong. So although I'll teach this again, i imagine, I can't really say when because I have no idea.

I hope you can come one day...

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