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03 February 2008


Brrr, rainy here too, and I had my first try at selling things at the farmers market. My brain is even cold through! Not a great day for selling! Oh well, I'll try and remember all the plants getting a drink and that the desert should have a crazy bloom this march.

Cant wait to hear about those cookies, and about how your valentines goes.

It was cold. I was in San Francisco on Friday for an interview so went looking for the restaurant. I'll try to stop in for lunch next time (and remember to bring my raingear in case I get caught in it - it was a problem last week) but I saw a decorated prep area in the front - yours?

Your landlords don't seem to have you on any of their directories :(.

"Double, double -
Toil and trouble;
Fire burn and cauldron bubble...."


Good for you for showing the effort! Congratulations.


Oh too bad, it would have been sweet to warm you up with hot cocoa and soup! Yes, Boston Properties, who run the embarcadero centers, are quite late in changing all the signage. although we have been promised, I assure you.

The windows with the art-clotheslines are mine, yes.


thanks for the full quote. and hey-- you're only a ferry ride away-- when will You come in?!

It's snow storming here in Toronto, I would give just about anything to be in the San Francisco rain right about now!

50's inspired lemon cookies sound divine!

I love your writing. I found your blog few days ago and I am ploughing through your archives...I like the way you create an atmosphere with your words... this little writing about rain and cold was enaugh to put me into a pensive mood and make me long for something else, somewhere far away from where I am...thank you.

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