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29 February 2008


Point Reyes is breath taking. And the inn has a cult following of visitors! The air is crisp, sharp and the views from the winding hills, beautiful.

I'm sorry you lost your job, but I think a week in Inverness is just the thing! It's so wonderful out there, and just being out of the city and breathing the good air and being in a beautiful place can work wonders. And, often when one door closes another opens ... the world is full of possibility and I have no doubt you'll land up somewhere even more exciting.

Best of luck!

{If nothing else, there is always rhubarb.}

....I see the next Eggbeater shirt coming on. ;-)

Ah, Rhubarb....

Hi - I only recently started reading your blog (added it to my iGoogle page!). This is my first time commenting - and OH did my heart ever just break in pieces when I read what happened in your world. I felt compelled to pull out my quote book (really just a falling apart spiral notebook in which I jot down any quote/phrase/blurb of something I've read that inspired me). Words can be trite - but oh they can be powerful and comforting. And, seeing how much you appreciate words, I hope the following helps:

"Courage is not the absence of fear but the ability to carry on with dignity in spite of it."

Remember: this thing that has happened to you - doesn't define you. The recipients of those unsent letters? Don't give them power of you. You are still you and this hasn't touched your heart.

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