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21 March 2008


Ooh, I keep hearing good things about Brown Sugar. Thanks for the nudge. I used to work in that area, & would've been ecstatic to have such a restaurant nearby.

Happy belated birthday, blog b-day, & Spring to you Shuna!

I absolutely LOVE this place. It's a great thing to happen to West Oakland. I'm actually going there again for lunch today, when my friend gets out of his damn meeting.

we just went there last week and it was awesome. i can't wait to go back!

Do people in westcoast miss good biscuit, too? Living in Atlanta, thought that only southener's care for the good biscuit...

Went yesterday for my birthday... fabulous! Will definitely be back! Thanks for giving us the "heads up".

Yippee! I am going to Ikea today, just a hop skip and a jump.

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