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02 March 2008


Alas, even some Typepad blogs won't take hyperlinks, so you have to post the whole URL anyway. It's kind of a crapshoot on what formatting you can do on any given blog.

Another option is to use TinyURL, which converts long URLs to short ones. But I tend to be a little suspicious of them because I can't see exactly where that link is going to direct me.

It looks to me like some of your taggage was cut off, friend. Here's another way to describe makin' hrefs:

>Link text here!

Hmmm, my formatted tags disappeared. I guess guests don't get to play with html when commenting ... :(

I do like that website too :)

It's funny you should memtion Food Blog S'cool, Shuna, since you were part of the inspiration for it! I guess pupil #1 wasn't paying attention in class, huh?! ;) This comment linking was the subject of Food Blog S'cool's first real post back in April 2005. Additionally, I actually embedded the code in my own blog's comment page 'welcome note' so that commenters can just cut and paste it easily into the comment if they want to make a link. Not sure if you can so that on Typepad?

Kitt & Athen,

It looks like you have created links and i don't know how to undo what you have done without making it look like there should be a lot of spaces that shouldn't be there... let me know what I might be able to do on my end to help you illustrate your points.

Thank you both so much for adding in your know-how!


yes, very funny, and true!


Yes, I am a bad student, but thanks
a. for creating the site!
b. for pointing us all to that post
c. for being you. you rock.

Forgive me if I try something here. You can forgo the whole coding thing if you take a long URL that you want to post, but which risks getting cut off, by going to and putting in, say:

TinyURL will give you a much shorter link to post, in this case:

Which will not be cut off, but which goes to the same place.

I hope that makes sense!

(I was going to explain how to hard-code link-making instructions without using spaces but that gets kind of complicated, and I fear Typepad may not like it.)

You've transposed the slash and the quotation mark in step 2. See the spec for an authoritative and precise reference with examples.

It's not a backslash (\); it's a forward slash (/).

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