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12 March 2008


I don't often comment, but I love the way you combine words in much the same way I love the way you combine butter, flour, sugar, eggs and a handful of surprise ingredients. In both cases, the end result is a tantalizing surprise.

Call it whatever you like, but I'm ecstatic that I'll be able to eat Shuna desserts again soon, somewhere... even if I do have to cross a body of water to do it.

Yay! How exciting! I wanna consultancy shop, dreams, and schemes and hear all about it!

Hey, good for you. Bill all your hours. ;)

congratulations! I was the chef/owner of 3 restaurants in SF a few years back, and when they closed, my whole world fell apart. Consulting is the way to go! You get a steady, reasonable, hourly paycheck, days off, no calls from the alarm company in the middle of the night. you go!

"an invisible tool for measuring fear" oh my, I do think I need to remember this phrase for my own use. =)

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