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23 March 2008


I hope it was merry (and there were no squirrels) Cheers!

Happy birthday and welcome to the 40s! Gorgeous photos. I'm so happy you are well loved and well celebrated!

What a happy, happy birthday! Peace, joy, health, work, graces and more birthdays to come. Thanks for sharing your gift of words, your talents and reflections.

Very fun seeing all those smiling faces. I was having fun trying to guess who the ones were that I didn't recognize. Hope you had a great birthday.

Happy 40th Shuna! Welcome to the new 25!

Happy Birthday, Shuna Fish!
Just one question... wasn't Mirth the name of Mork and Mindy's over-grown son who hatched from the egg and who's name was a conglomerate of the words Mork, Mindy, and Earth?
Only someone in our age group would know this.
Congratulations on having a great birthday and cheers to many more.
Nanoo Nanoo!

happy happy happy happy

happy birthday Shuna!

Happy (belated) Birthday, Shuna! I guess we have the same birthday, only I'm 3 years behind ya. I love your site... Keep up the good work! Hope I can make it to some of your classes in April....

Happy belated birthday :)

All the best..


happy birthday, shuna!!! those photo are sooo adorable. xo

i am just getting settled back in from my visit. what an incredibly fun time i had! i thank you so very much for having a birthday (a reason to travel!) introducing me to such incredible people, and inspiring me all over again!
i have decided that if it is pretty this weekend, i am planting my veg garden; if not, i am taking a cue from the dave-shuna kitchen and REORGANIZING everything, and making cookies for friends! (i'm working up to english muffins!!!!)
brown sugar kitchen was absolutely phenomenal! i give a hearty southern thumbs up to the grits and biscuits...
and i am having delicious blue bottle coffee every morning, even getting up a little earlier to french press it.
what a wonderful week. Thank you thank you thank you!
40 looks great on you! mas mirth por favor!!!!

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