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09 March 2008


Ooooo, thank you! She is one of my Absolute heros! You are an angel :)

I watched RLB's lecture(thanks for the link). It was facinating getting down with the science of flour. I worked with flour for eons and don't know half of what she does. Thank goodness for scienceticians (wasn't that the word she used?) like her who don't mind baking the same frickin cake a gazillion times to find out which flour is best. Then the rest of us can glom onto her results like barnicles. My only gripe was the Wondra pitch-- it seemed a little too corporately-sponsored and dismissive of the rest of the free world's ban on bleached flour. I guess I am leery of tiny, pricy cartons of cocaine-like flour with a shelf-life of ten years.

Now I am curious to try "degrading" some flour in the oven and then baking with it and see what happens.

What is/are your flour faves, Shuna?

RLB still rocks a massive black hole of a cake, though, and you continue to entertain and inspire. I wish I could send you some happy chix eggs in tribute.

Thanks for the link to the video. I have heard about this class and how she talked about flour. I have been a fan of RLB's books and her blog (even her pie plate).Her recipes work!

thanks for your site. Recently I got the Bread Bible. For my first try i "made" the basic white sandwich bread. Sadly it will not be in a photo shoot soon. I do not know what I did wrong, but it was big. Instead of two loaves I got one and it is not rising very fast either. Clearly I have to try again. Thanks for your site and all your work. Best,BER

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