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27 March 2008


Hi Shuna,

Bummed that I won't be able to attend class....caramel! What delicious stuff. How dare my bridesmaids decide to throw my bridal shower on that day. ;)

I'm so glad you'll be teaching again, woo!

Wow...I'd love to take your classes- you sound as though you love learning and would love to share what you know. Alas, I am in Baltimore. When I was in school I didn't know enough to ask the questions.
I just discovered you a week ago and am enjoying reading your words and thoughts even though I don't work in the field anymore-(3 y.o. triplets) Yaay!!!

I would love for you to come and teach in san diego. Let me know if you'd like me to call around for a location! I'm sure people would be interested!

I will not be taking the caramel class, but as it happens, I tried your recipe for caramel chocolate pot de creme today, and am enjoying the results as I type (I managed to screw up the first batch of caramel, but eventually got it right). Very tasty. As for smearing it on myself at this year's PDX naked ride, practical considerations may come into play, but... Well, maybe. We'll see.

Do you ever venture out to the East Coast? I'm sure there are many, many baby eggbeaters that would love to take your classes out here!

How I would love to sit in.
The caramel I make today is the exact same method you taught me. IT'S THE ONLY WAY! The best, the yummiest, the safest, the cleanest...
I'm excited for you that you are doing classes again.... You know my theory; you have much to teach, too much for one kitchen. Get out there!

Hi Shuna,

We'd love to have you back in Portland, and I'd love to take one of your classes! I'll keep my fingers crossed that your friends up here can tempt you return to the "city of roses" sometime soon! Who knows, maybe you can get a consulting job up here....

Thank you for the truth you put out about the industry, you could save someone's sanity, as well as the art that is quickly disappearing in the wake of our convenience driven world.

I always enjoy your posts, your art, and your views!

Please let your Southern California readers know when you'll be coming down our way to teach. We'll be one of the first to sign up. If we were free on April 19th, your caramel class alone is the worth the trip up to Emeryville.

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