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13 April 2008


These photographs are beautiful, as are their subjects. Your hands exude the love you clearly bring to what you are doing.

The photos on flickr are fabulous!! That apple pie, we can almost taste it. Rhubarb too!! And the pie dough in various stages. You are right: informative as well as beautiful; and delicious!!

Those photos are fabulous! Makes me even more jealous that I wasn't able to attend. Please, Shuna, you must teach that class again soon... I'm begging you! :-)

Nevertheless, I'll see you next weekend for the custard class, which should be equally great. Thanks for all that you do.

thanks Shuna (and everyone). it's fun to have such a willing subject :)

I guess someone else noticed what beautiful hands you have. Love your writing too. I will be lurking on your site b/c of FLAH.

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