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02 April 2008


excited to hear about your classes! But I am occupied both those weekends...please keep posting your opportunities here.

I love the photo of the pastry having been rolled on that wood surface with the metal contrasting. Gorgeous!

Just came across your site, it's great. I would sign up in a heart beat if I didn't live across the other side of the country. You seem like a fabulous teacher. Will enjoy spending some time visitng your site and catching up.

remember me? athen's amateur pie baking friend who uses more nutmeg than you prefer?
well, i don't bake pie much anymore in my new gluten- and sugar-free life, but i desperately want to learn to sharpen knives. would there be a class you're teaching in the next few months? i've got a whole collection that needs sharpening. i'm moving to the mountains where there will be no professional knife sharpener and it seems quite abysmal to consider the possibility of cooking all winter with dull knives. thanks for considering, shuna- i've enjoyed your website ever since the athen told me of it.
jaqxun at gmail dot com.

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