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30 April 2008


It would be so wonderful to have something similar to that around here. Maybe I could start a South Florida chapter? That would be so much fun!

Bakers Dozen -- Utah chapter? I am so there! Thanks, Shuna.

one of the very first baking cookbooks i bought was The Baker's Dozen. i still refer to it often.

originally, i thought of the Dozen as a seemingly secret, super-cool cabal of bakers generating recipes in an undisclosed HQ somewhere in Northern California.

still super-cool, but thankfully just not as secret.

Okay, the cupcake mystique escapes me. I sort of resent the faddishness (and the often not-well-made examples out there) -- but I have come back to the site three times to lust over those coconut beauties. They are bitty samples of one of the South's baking wonders, homemade fresh coconut layer cake. Whose are they?

Kudzu! Check out the flickr page where this photo resides and you'll see who takes credit for these beautiful little cakes... ~ Shuna

If Aran starts a chapter, I am right there helping out!

Hi Shuna! I sent an email to baker's dozen sf and ny. It was a general mail box so I hope someone reads it. I would love to start a chapter for Florida or even the Southeast. Now that I read Helen's comment, she might want to be my accomplice!!!

Shuna, you're so dear, and I always look forward to reading your blog. We are lucky that you have a soft spot in your heart for Bakers Dozen. We miss you. xoFlo Braker (a Bakers Dozen member in California)

Hi all,
While Bakers Dozen is still keeping their original website,

There's a new addition - it's got lots and lots of current info.

Happy Baking!

Hi Debbie-- thank you for keeping us all in the loop! ~ Shuna

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